Fire witch


Asher is a fire witch and important character for the fantasy quest in the book series “Miranda’s Arcana”. That is a real sigil the author (MJ Rolem) uses when she does candle work.

It’s been three days

It has been three days since I’ve met the Brochards and in a conversation my boyfriend was having with me, he was talking about Biggie and 2pac. I said “the whole time you were talking about them, I was hearing “Morning Final” by Joe Bouchard. He said “You’re still on cloud 9 aren’t you?” I replied “I like it up here. Please don’t ask me to come down.”

Writing and music

I love rock music so much. I’m writing a lot of poetry with hopes they’ll form a rock opera one day. There are many ways to tell a story and an entertaining way is through music.

Miranda’s Arcana is an enchanting, fantasy quest that will lead you on a journey with the mystic deck of tarot cards and in the end find great pleasure and fulfillment with the World.