Meet the Author

Hiya! I’m MJ Rolem and for many years I had an interest in metaphysics and divination. I infuse magic into my writing and you will find personal spells I use around here. I have a tuxedo cat named Figaro Boots and a stray cat who I think warmed up me after nearly a year of befriending my cat I call ‘Grapefruit”.Buick

During car show season usually lasting from March to November, my boyfriend and I hang out at car shows all around northern Virginia and from Frederick Maryland to parts of West Virginia.

Disclaimer: My spells are for book use only. If you are interested in creating the spells and potions made, I’d heavily advise you to research the plants used and understand just because plants are from nature does NOT mean it’s harmless. Everyone can have different reactions to the properties of the plant so please educate yourself about what you are using before you experiment.