Judgement by Öysters


If you are familiar with the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Archangel Gabriel is blowing his trumpet and people rise from their graves. In my classic rock deck, Judgement is based off Blue Oyster Cult’s “Joan Crawford” and aside from Eric who is singing instead of blowing a trumpet, each band member is a form of death that has resurrected. Buck is the Reaper of course, Joe became a vampire, Allen is a ghost and Albert is Frankenstein’s monster

Fire witch


Asher is a fire witch and important character for the fantasy quest in the book series “Miranda’s Arcana”. That is a real sigil the author (MJ Rolem) uses when she does candle work.

It’s been three days

It has been three days since I’ve met the Brochards and in a conversation my boyfriend was having with me, he was talking about Biggie and 2pac. I said “the whole time you were talking about them, I was hearing “Morning Final” by Joe Bouchard. He said “You’re still on cloud 9 aren’t you?” I replied “I like it up here. Please don’t ask me to come down.”