Music and Writing

There’s no doubt that music is a fantastic way to be inspired. From that incredible guitar riff you hear to the heart wrenching note the singer sings that brings tears to your eyes, the listener becomes moved by raw emotion and will be sent to create art in some form whether it be a painting, photograph or a book. In turn a musician will read that book or see those paintings and photographs and go back into the cycle of writing music to to influence pieces of art that is linked by the chains of passion and emotion.  All types of artists affect one another in one way or another and we create magic that motivates our fellow humans to live day to day and bring them through their highest highs or lowest feelings.

But what stimulates individual artists? What burns them inside to go out and change lives in ways that may have not been thought of prior? I speak for only myself because I for one did not know that I wanted to write stories from a young age. I hope it doesn’t sound ridiculous that I never knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was only in sophomore year in high school that I may have thought I going down a creative path. But what does music have to do with this?

I grew up in a firm, religious home where I was exposed to selected types of music; none which I really liked. I believe to have finally found myself around my second year in high school listening to rock, a bit of heavy metal and symphonic metal thanks to some exposure from my friends. The electric sounds and beating drums gave me thrills but I didn’t quite feel anything artistic. That was okay though because one step at a time; I still didn’t know what I wanted to do though I knew that loud music gave me life. Skip through the boring parts because as I got older, I learned more about myself once I got out of my parents’ rule. If I had to boil down my music taste and say three bands or musicians that sent me on my journey to write and be a storyteller, I’d have to say Emilie Autumn (though I have a love/hate relationship with hr music), Within Temptation and Blue Oyster Cult were what put the pencil in my hand.

I’ll tell you why the music of these three groups galvanized me to take up writing and search within myself to find stories that wanted to be told. Emilie Autumn is recognizable with her electric violin from her early works. She read Shakespeare and infused his plays into her music creating bizarre yet, alluring melodies about feminism and twisted fairy tales. There’s a time in high school young people feel tortured and seek out anything that would express the turmoil in their souls in beautifully terrifying ways that could not be said in simple words. I constantly felt trapped and “Shalott” by Emilie Autumn introduced me to the poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson that to this day is one of my all time favorites. Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation with her mezzo-soprano vocal range always sends chills down my spine and I knew that if I were to write a story, I’d want it to be as beautiful as her voice and memorable. There’s a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald I believe who said “An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next and the schoolmaster ever afterwards,” which leads me to the last band I have to say inspires me.

Blue Oyster Cult is a band that has a unique history of its own. I can sit and talk about how much I adore it but, it’ll sent me off topic. Science fiction is a major influence to the lyrics their songs. Often called “the brainiest heavy metal band”, that title is rightfully so in my opinion. The music and songs blows me away every time and I am baffled how humans are capable of writing songs so deep and mind provoking while carrying an enjoyable tune makes me amazed that I was lucky enough to exist at the same time as these talent musicians. Them singing about other worldliness strikes my interest of metaphysics because I believe in the supernatural and possibilities that mankind is not the only intelligent race out there.

When I got older and was able to explore what I believed in, I took an interest in divination and witchcraft. I still hold onto my Christian roots but witchcraft also aids my spiritual needs. While I was learning tarot, I would read book after book about the cards and try to learn each card one by one. Within the cards was a story that most who read the cards knew but, what was the story to them? I decided to take it upon myself to rewrite the story of the “Fool” in Miranda’s Arcana” starting with “That Summer Ride” and together author and reader can dive deeper into a new understanding of the illustrated cards used for fortune telling or offer insight in life while enjoying a comprehensive tale of what each card means and how they can be used day to day.

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