Crafty writer spell

69100B0C-B81B-458D-9048-66B98D1B512B882C0136-6D53-4226-960A-615DF620E57FIt was extremely encouraging for someone to ask me if I had a shop because they were interested in the amethyst comb and rose quartz tiara I made. I am currently at the editing stage for my book ‘That Summer Ride” which is book one for ‘Miranda’s Arcana. I figured since I have to take a break from writing every now and then, I’d use my creativity to make things and build a name and image for myself as a writer.  If I had to be honest, the reason why I never made a shop was because I didn’t think the things I made would appeal to people. In different facebook groups, I would post what I made and to my surprise, people commented that I was crafty and an inspirational because I always had something new to share.

When I go to sleep at night, one of my final thoughts is what can I do tomorrow to surprise people? I’m pretty self conscious about my abilities so I made a dream catcher using black locust branches which are incredibly rot resistant and in folklore related to fairies because the “thorns protect the fairies within”. My choice of string color were orange for “encouragement, concentration, fortune, selling, business goals, career, success and creativity” along with green as a spell for finances, good luck for my books, and success in personal goals.


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