“Are you a healer?”

A reiki master made an observation that I wore a lot of blue and asked me that question. “Are you a healer?”

What does the color blue mean first of all?

In magic for the purpose of making spells, blue is the color of patience, psychic abilities, wisdom, loyalty, creativity, tranquility, reassurance, devotion,hope, the list goes on. Different shades of blue give a more in depth meaning  but overall it is a relaxing color.

Blue is associated with Monday in the day of the week, the Cups (chalices) in tarot, the direction West and dolphins, mermaids and blue jays.

I was born on a Monday in western California and growing up my favorite animal was the dolphin. In tarot, the card I feel closest to is the “6 of Cups” and I have always been the most creative in my immediate family. I am not so sure if I truly am a “healer” but I know that the color blue has always been a part of my personality.

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