The purest of the elements.

If we were to look at the court cards of the Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles of the Rider-Waite deck, we would notice cards that stand out most in their suites.

First look at the King of Wands. His crown looks like flames and he firmly sits on his throne but longs to ride out like the knight looking for adventure. The salamanders in his cloak form a full circle saying the cycle is complete. The fire within him from his youth has gone out and lived many adventures and quests but now he must fulfill his responsibilities but relives them in his memories.

The queen of Cups hold the most elaborate cup in the deck aside from the Ace of Cups. Although she is on land, she almost flows into the water representing her element. Water and emotions flow through us and she is the purest of the court of Cups because she is reality and blending into intuition.  When you see her you see dedication and healing.

In the suite of swords is the knight riding off into battle with a mighty gust of wind blowing through the trees in the background. He and his horse is adorn with butterflies and birds which are creatures of the air. Of all the knights, this knight displays courage charging forward with the sword of Justice in hand. In the suite that symbolizes the mind; intellect, the knight has quick thinking and a sharp mind. Not a play on the sword he holds.

At last we have the pentacles. The Page stares intently into the pentacle in awe and fascination. All the pages are studious however, this one is aware of the treasure he holds. He moves slowly letting the sphere guide him  leading to great wealth and and abundant harvest in the Queen and King cards.

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